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Gift Lists

Asked to set up a page by the soon to be Mr & Mrs Busby, we've decided to open this up to all lovebirds. 


Perfect for weddings, a gift list with Green & Present is a personal and original way to celebrate any big event. 


To set up & manage your list, or buy a gift for an upcoming occasion please click on the buttons below.


Set Up a ListManage ListBuy a Gift


When shopping from a list, should you wish to view the rest of the site - perhaps to buy a present for yourself! - you will need to click on the pink heart or "Return to main site" links available on the page, after completing your gift list purchase.


If you are having trouble logging in or finding the list you are after please email us - we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Alternatively you can call us during office hours on 0845 539 0308, and we will be happy to help.